Friday, August 21, 2015

And life goes on...

Many things have happened since my last post here on December 7, 2012.

"Really", you mutter a bit sarcastically and under your breath, "you think?!?"

We hope to resurrect this blog as a platform to share with those interested the big things that have marked the past three and a half years for us and those things that are to come.

I will do my best to recap those Big Things from the past:

In 2013 we:
Graduated from seminary 
Moved from Nashotah

To this house in Billings, MT

Where we found out that we were expecting our sixth child!

And I was ordained to the Anglican priesthood and established as the Church Planter in Billings

I had the honor of witnessing the marriage of my sister Hannah and her man Stephen

Here we are at the feast of Christ the King in our church plant

Fast forward to 2014 where we welcomed Chavvah, our sixth child and fourth daughter, into our family

And into the family of God!

We got to celebrate thanksgiving with a large portion of my family!

And then, at the leading of our Lord, who is our Captain, and the Holy Spirit who is our Guide on this Journey, we were welcomed into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil in 2015
I know, that is a lot to take in!

I know, it doesn't cover how we got from point 'a' to point 'b'.

But as I said at the beginning, the purpose of restarting this blog is to give Rebekah and I a platform for sharing those connections and the new turnings in our Journey together.

So stay tuned...

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Dear Friends and Family,

                First of all, thank you so much for your continued support of our family during this season in our lives! We are grateful to God for your prayers, encouragement, and financial generosity. Thank you for being willing to cooperate with God in His provision for us!

                Recently we found out that there is a new matching fund for all gifts in each seminarian’s “House Account.” How it works is like this: if you give a gift to Nashotah House, accompanied by a separate letter indicating the seminarian you would like to support with your gift, that gift will be doubled, until that seminarian has been given $5,000 in gifts in a year. This is the way Christ the King sends us financial support, and if you would like more detailed directions on how to give just let us know!  Gifts like these are a huge help and blessing to us.

                Now for an update! Seminary life has been going well. As always, things were very busy during the semester. The busy-ness of having a baby right before last semester started was tempered by a visit from Forrest’s sister, Hannah, who stayed with us several weeks to help out. 
                After she went home, we were blessed again with visitors, when Rebekah’s parents and youngest siblings came to spend Easter with us. They got to see Mary baptized at Nashotah House’s Easter Vigil service.

Towards the end of May, Nashotah House had Commencement for the graduating students and we attended the beautiful service for that and celebrated the graduation of several of our friends. Now Forrest has completed his Middler year and is a Senior! The three older kids, Timothy, David, and Noelle, finished up their home school year in May also. In June, we were given the wonderful privilege and responsibility of becoming godparents for the fifth time, for Theodora, the new daughter of some close friends on campus.
After being part of a church that meets on campus for quite some time, we have started working with a nearby church plant in the northern part of Milwaukee. We are grateful to have some experience with a church plant, since it is very possible that church planting will be in our future. We seek God’s guidance for what He has in mind for us after seminary and would ask your prayers for this also.
 As summer moves on, many people have moved away, and still others spend the summer elsewhere, doing a temporary job or a summer internship. We are happy to get to stay here on campus this summer, enjoying family life and a little slower pace, and Forrest is able to work with Maintenance here. The kids are all enjoying a break from school and increased opportunities to play outside and go swimming at our campus beach on the lake. Mary is growing so fast, and is already sitting up, beginning to scoot around, and has cut two teeth.
And now we are looking forward to, God-willing, a visit to Spokane and Forrest’s ordination to the Diaconate in August! We hope, and would be blessed, to see all of you at the ordination in Missoula.
                Thank you again for all your prayers and support! May God continue to bless you.
                Love, Forrest, Rebekah, Timothy, David, Noelle, Anastasia, and Mary

Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Shoot!

On St. Patrick's day Sarah Kidd did a second photo shoot for us! Here are some of the photos...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lightning is home!

We are thankful to everyone who prayed for us and our dog, Lightning, through his ordeal with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. As a result of this ordeal, we have accrued $1,500 in vet bills. A friend suggested that we offer a way for others to help us with these bills, so in the upper-right-hand corner of the blog you'll find a paypal donate button. Any amount helps! Thanks!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Daddy & Mary

Finally *I* get to put up some pictures of our new girlie...
An Alert Baby this morning!

Snuggling with Daddy.

And holding his hand!